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1000 Colours Blue October 1st, 2011, live recording of premier, out door performance of '1000 Colours Blue', with choirs form Aberystwyth, Borth, Exeter and Swansea under the musical direction of Marion Wood and Michael Ormiston, sound recording by Matt Saunders, sound mix by Michael Ormiston. The 1000 colours of blue, tessera, were collected from the waterfront landscape by the Swansea Community, including pupils form nine Swansea schools with Elena Isayev, Catrin Webster and project volunteers: S Aleck, E Bettany, C Davies, N Dowdle, C Evans, S Evans, D Leon, S Lloyd, M Morgan, G Parker, D Rees, L Savigar, A Saville, E Simmonds, T Tresadern-Hill. The film sequence is by Catrin Webster with the assistance of Nick Aleck.
If there is no true, authentic or essential relationship between people and territory, no primordial tie between body and soil, then how does any one place gain meaning? Dr. Elena Isayev from Exeter University and the artist Catrin Webster tell Nicola Barranger about the Beyond Text workshops which expored the themes of memory and place. They also describe how the follow on funding allowed them to work with the local communities in Exeter and Swansea to study further how the landscape and our urban environment interacts with the way we remember.


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