Beyond Text Spiritualism and Technology in Contemporary and Historical Contexts


Please see the downloads below for details of past and forthcoming events.

Seminar #1 October 24th 2008 - Disciplines and Institutions
Roger Luckhurst (Birkbeck) ‘The British Museum in the Empire of Shadows’
Tom Ruffles (Society for Psychical Research) ‘The Early History and Development of the SPR’
Suzanne Treister (Independent) ‘Hexen 2039’

Seminar #2 November 28th 2008 Methodologies and Theories
Bob Eaglestone (Royal Holloway) ‘Levinas, Derrida and Religion’
Monica Germanà (Westminster) ‘Simulacral Bodies and Spectres of Desire:
Contemporary Revenants in Scottish Women’s Writing’
Aura Satz (London Consortium) ‘Music of its Own Accord’

Seminar #3 January 30th 2009 - Memory and Forgetting
John Harvey (Aberystwyth) ‘Remembering the Departed: Returning and Reconstituting the Dead Through Photography’
Carolyn Burdett (Birkbeck) ‘The Origins of Empathy: Aesthetic Sensitivities at the Fin de Siècle’
Amy Evans (Kings) ‘“Strange traffic with daemonic powers”: Spiritualist Poetry, London’s War Dead, and HD’s Revisionist Task’

Seminar #4 March 27th 2009 - Documents and Evidence
Melvyn Willin (Society for Psychical Research) ‘Psychical Research and Archive Work’
Leigh Wilson (Westminster) ‘The Nature of Evidence: The Cross-correspondences and the Matter of Language’
Susan MacWilliam (National College of Art and Design Dublin) ‘Remote Viewing -Materialising the Past in the Present’

Seminar #5 May 29th 2009 - Technology, Ritual and Magic
Peter Lamont (Edinburgh) ‘Victorian Magic: Knowledge, Belief and Disbelief’
Tatiana Kontou (Sussex) ‘Spirit photographs and neo-Victorian ghosts: Florence Cook’s Mediumship and Textual Manifestations’
Olivia Plender (Independent) ‘Stellar Key to the Summerland’

All seminars will be held from 2.00-5.00pm in:
Room 107 at The University of Westminster Regent St Campus,
309 Regent St, London W1B 3UW.
To book a place please contact Dr Sas Mays at

The following downloads are available
Seminar Abstracts
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Project Conference Flyer
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Roger Luckhurst: The British Museum in the Empire of Shadows
PDF36.48 Kb
Tatiana Kontou: Spirit photographs and neo-Victorian ghosts: Florence Cook’s Mediumship and Textual Manifestations
PDF152.19 Kb
Tatiana Kontou: Images
PDF1.32 Mb
Leigh Wilson: The Nature of Evidence - The Cross-Correspondences and the Nature of Language
PDF134.29 Kb
Leigh Wilson: Images
PDF581.38 Kb
Westminster Magic Lantern Society Lectures
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