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Portfolio: An E-Journal for Postgraduate Research in Visual Arts and Culture


February 11-12, 2010


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To: FAO Carla Cesare, PGR Publishing Skills Training, Lipman 128, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST

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Publishing Skills Training for PGRs


February 11-12, 2010

School of Arts and Social Sciences

Northumbria University





Northumbria University, through the AHRC Beyond Text scheme, will be offering training to support PGR professional development relating to academic journals. Future professions for PhD students very often lie within academia and publishing, both of which require specific skills. An understanding of the processes of publishing and peer review is essential. This training will allow PGRs an opportunity to learn about the process, to develop professional standards, and to prepare for subsequent engagements within the publishing field and the practice of peer review.


The program comprises of an initial start-up training including topics such as:

·         journal management

·         peer review best practices

·         marketing

·         copyright issues


This session will also include the introduction and development of the new Portfolio: an e-journal for postgraduate research in visual arts and culture.  Anyone interested in participating as an editor or peer-reviewer is required to attend. Postgraduates involved in Portfolio in this start–up phase will be creating exciting opportunities to develop new publishing skills, whilst simultaneously expanding the field into newer areas of research for the analysis of visual culture today through a multi-media format. Additional technical web training will be provided for those involved with Portfolio with the intent that upon their return they will train another member of their e-journal team.




Fees:     £5   waived for Portfolio participants

Travel fees covered for up to 8 Portfolio participants on a first come first serve basis.

Space is limited.

                                                Reserve your place by February 1, 2010


                                           Please contact:


           It is open to all UK PGRS interested in learning publishing skills.


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